Amy uses many modalities & approaches in her practice that include Access Consciousness, Somatic Therapy,  Trauma Resolution, EMDR, InnerDance, Sound Healing & Breathwork, Embodied Somatic Movement, Ecstatic Dance, Chakra Wisdom & Spirit World Awareness. Amy has over 12 years of experience studying energy as an Access Consciousness Facilitator. Amy is a 3 Day Body Facilitator®, Access Bars Facilitator®, Access Energetic Facelift Facilitator® and Embodied Movement Facilitator, Trauma Informed. 

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I'm a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator®, Talk to the Entities Facilitator®, Access 3 day Body Class Facilitator® and Right Recovery for You Facilitator®, Abuse Hold Practitioner, Symphony Advanced Practitioner and Maestro of Possibilities. I’m also Certified Ecstatic Dance & Movement Facilitator and combined what I know about movement with the Access tools in a specialty class called ‘’Accessing the Joy of Body’’.

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"Thank you Amy for being the gift that you are to this world and truly offering a physical space of no judgement and communion that I've only ever found in nature."