$199.00 USD

Online 60 Minutes: Light Up Your Business, Body, Relationships, Sex or Spirit Awareness

Ready to Light up Your life?

If you could ask anything in your life to be different right now, what would you ask for?

If you could have anything from this session, what would it be?

This 60 minute session will include verbal processing, clearings and facilitation from Amy Shine.

Amy is a facilitator of business, money, entity awareness, addiction & recovery, relationships, sex, bodies & movement.

Amy is trained in Nervous System Healing, Somatic Therapy, Access Bars & Body Work, Reiki Energy Healing & InnerDance Energy Activations.

What you receive:

~60 minutes session on camera on Zoom.

~Replay of session

~Any big Verbal Clearings used will also be sent to you.