$250.00 USD

Accessing the Joy of Body Class with Amy Shine in Dubai | May 26th

Time & Location

Date: May 26th 
Time: 9 am - 2 pm
Location: To be announced

About the event

What can you access with your body when you move beyond judgment?

Accessing the Joy of Body is an Access Consciousness® specialized class created by Amy Shine, Certified Facilitator and movement facilitator, where she combines the tools of Access Consciousness with embodiment practices.

  • How much judgment do you have determining the ways your body can move?

  • When you let go of judgments and get curious with your body, what can your body show you?

  • What if movement can facilitate you in accessing all the joy, wonder, miracles and mysteries of the Universe?

  • When you move in communion with the Earth what magic can you access? 

In this class, Amy will facilitate you beyond any limitations or judgments you are using to create your body.

You will be invited to move your body to awaken you to the dance to oneness with the earth elements and the elements of intimacy.

What magic and miracles can you access with your body when you move beyond control, form, structure and judgment?



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